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Durham Children in Care Day

We celebrated Care Day 2023 on Feb 18th. Over 130 people attended this amazing event. Care day consisted of several activities and workshops which were all young person led. These were…

  • Wellbeing activities hosted in the sports hall

  • Arts and Crafts Area which created a brilliant opportunity to promote the art café to the young people who attended.

  • CICC Idea Area which gave everyone the chance to feedback on what they would like to see the CICC work on over the next year.

  • Trust workshop which presented the ideas and thoughts around what young people felt about the concept of trust as a young person who is care experienced.

  • The Word Bird workshop by Sky Hawkins who is known to be a poet who was also care experienced growing up. 

A short animation, see below, which was developed by working in partnership with one of our membership services, Five Rivers and their National Participation Officer – Olivia Doherty was shared at the beginning of the session. The animation highlighted how the experiences of children and young people can be isolating and constantly changing and challenging adults in charge of their care ‘Don’t forget about us’. One member of Durham CiCC was supported by an IiC worker to join members of Five Rivers youth steering group in Doncaster where she was instrumental in writing the script.


"Thanks for a great day, it’s good to hear about the positive things that go ahead, would love to see even more talks and to help with fun events. Enjoyed every minute!”

“Great to meet with people and discuss issues and ideas to move forward, fantastic young people”

 “Met new people who are like me, heard some different views of being in care”

“Amazing, thank you! Makes me want to do better and better for all children!”

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