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High Fives

Freedom Card

Please note that this is only for children and young people in the care of Durham County Council.


The Freedom Card is a leisure and activity pass issued to children and young people who are in the care of Durham County Council.  Children and young people (including their foster family if in foster care) can have free access to swimming, leisure centres and various other activities to promote a healthy lifestyle. IIC manage and review the project with children and young people to ensure that it provides what is wanted. To view the Freedom Card guidance, please click here

Please contact the Investing in Children office on 0191 3077030 if you want to know more or need to ask about which freedom card you should register for (links below).

Freedom Card Registration Form Links

Please click on the relevant buttons below to access the Freedom Card application forms.


If you have any questions about which form you should fill out, please email


Once you've completed the appropriate form, please also send it to




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