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Investing in Children

The CICC is a group that is run within and by staff members from Investing in Children.

Investing in Children believes that:

Children and young people possess the same human rights as the rest of humanity. They will experience a better quality of life if society in general, and the services used by them in particular, recognise and respect these rights.

Children and young people are citizens now (they are rights bearers) and as such have the right to participate in decisions that affect them.

Children and young people know about what is happening around them (what has been described as their ‘lived lives’).

Organisations that provide services for children and young people (duty bearers) must recognize their right to participate, and engage children and young people in dialogue that is aimed at bringing about improvements in their ‘lived lives’.

The means of engaging children and young people must be inclusive and respect the democratic rights of all.

For more information, please click here to visit the Investing in Children website.

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