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You Said/We Did

Responding to your feedback


You said... 

"We want our meetings in a central location from 5:30pm till 7:00pm, once a month"

We Did...

Meetings are planned with the CICC in advance and at the times stated by its members. Meetings usually take place at the Methodist Church Hall on North Road in Durham once a month.

Foster Carers Recruitment

You said...

Young People want to be involved in the recruitment of new foster carers.

“The fostering training is beneficial as it gives us ‘the experienced’ a chance to show foster carers what qualities and skills are required to be able to build a report with children in care, and the reward for us is that we get to see feedback from the foster carers and every time they have enjoyed the training”  CiCC Member.

We did...

Discussions have taken place with fostering regarding this. It has been agreed that the CICC will run training every two months to potential foster carers.
In September 2017 four CICC Members ran a three hour training session for people who are going through the process to become foster carers. This was the first session the CiCC.

The feedback we received has been amazing:

“The young people bring the training to life; they make it real; all in all – it’s been good for them to share their lived experience”

Links with other CICCs

You Said...

We want to be able to work with other children in care councils so that we can see what they do and get ideas/share ideas, to improve things in Durham.

We did...

We have made links with other councils and are working with the Isle of Man to share ideas etc... Young people from Durham are going to visit the Island in April and meet with LAC and professionals following funding from councillors. We are now part of the regional CICC.


You Said...

We want to be able to sleep over at friends.

We did...

Lots of work has been done with the adults to make the process easier for LAC to stay at friends. We believe its now easier and lots of children and young people now have this opportunity. Speak to your social worker if you would like this.

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